Common Slot Game Features

If you are new to online slots, there are several things you need to know so as to get started. Playing slots is very easy but for you to get a winning edge you certainly need to know how the slot games function. In this guide, I will outline several online slot gaming features delivered by slot software manufacturers. The gaming features vary from one slot to another and it also depends on the variation you intend to play.

Most online slot games make use of common slot symbols such as the card symbols, the wild symbol and scatter symbols. Classic slots can make use of a wild symbol and multiplier while exclusive slots make use of wild symbols, multipliers, stacked wild symbols, bonus symbols and many others.

Wild symbols are usually used in a slot game as a symbol that replaces all other symbols to complete a winning combination with the exception of the bonus symbols and scatter symbols. Advanced exclusive slot makes use of stacked symbols at which several wild symbols can appear on a single reel and complete several winning entries.

Free Spin Bonus Round is a common feature that is available with many online slot games. At most, the free spins are triggered by the scatter symbols and during this bonus round, you are awarded a multiplier value. Most slot games allow players to trigger additional free spins during the Free Spin Bonus Round other limit the number of free spins while others do not set a limit at all.

The Auto Play feature is another common feature that allows players to simply insert credits and set the number of credits they wish to wager per spin also to include the number of paylines they wish to play and then the slot machines runs all the credits inserted. The auto play feature enables players to relax and watch the game play by itself and it automatically stops when it has hit a winning combination or it can be set to stop when it has hit a jackpot or triggered the bonus round feature game.

Another common feature used in slot games is the multiplier feature. This feature is common to many slot games and it is responsible for awarded players with a large some of credits during game play.  The multiplier is usually awarded during any bonus feature, or it can be obtained when a symbol is used both as a wild symbol and a multiplier and to include the scatter symbol.

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