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Slots Hold Up Feature

Many online slot manufacturers develop several gaming features so as to attract new players to come and play their new slot games at their host casino. Slot games deliver several gaming features and these offer great gaming experience. The hold up feature is a new feature that is slowly becoming popular at many slot games. […]

A comparison of Classic slots and exclusive slots

Classic slot games are a lot different from exclusive slots. In this guide, I will outline the differences of both classic and exclusive slot games. Both classic and exclusive slot games make use of the same terminologies such as the wild symbols, multipliers, scatters. The major differences between the two are the number of paylines, […]

Slot Payout Rates

Online slot payout rates differ from one online casino to another. The payout rates are governed by the RNG (Random Number Generator) and range between 75 – 98%. The winning combinations are produced at random by the RNG and the outcome of each combination does not influence the outcome of the next combinations. Each outcome […]