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Regular and Random Progressive Jackpots

Slot software manufacturers offer two types of progressive jackpots – the regular progressive jackpots and the random progressive jackpots. A slot machines can offers both types of jackpots while others slot games offer any one of them. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is networked to many other slot games and its value gradually […]

Understanding slot Reels & Paylines

The reels and paylines govern slot payouts and winning combinations. Classic slots comprise of three reels and up to a max of 3 paylines while exclusive slots comprise of 5 reels and the paylines range between 5 to 1024. A slot reel can be referred to as a wheel or drum that is fixed vertically […]

A comparison of Classic slots and exclusive slots

Classic slot games are a lot different from exclusive slots. In this guide, I will outline the differences of both classic and exclusive slot games. Both classic and exclusive slot games make use of the same terminologies such as the wild symbols, multipliers, scatters. The major differences between the two are the number of paylines, […]

Gamble, Auto Play and Stop Skill Features

Online video slots come with several functions and players have to make use of these to their advantage. There are several slot gaming features available and in this guide, I will outline three features – Gamble Feature, Auto Play Feature, and Stop Skill Feature.

Advantages of Playing on Max Bet

Players can enjoy great gaming action by playing video slot machines. Many players tend to turn away from these casino games thinking that they are based on luck and others may think that it’s all a waste of money. In order for one to win great, slot games have to be played on max bet […]

All about the Random Number Generator (RNG) Embedded in video slot machines

Many online gamblers tend to think that slot games are a game of chance and they are programmed to award a winning combination or a top jackpot after it has been played more often. Many people tend to thing that there is slight chance for you to hit a jackpot and some say ‘ hitting […]