The Future Of Online Poker

Online poker is one of the success stories of the last decade. An estimated $500m is wagered every day worldwide, from uncounted numbers of players. It has become an incredibly lucrative business.

Accordingly, there are some who believe that online poker has become increasingly rigged. Many sites use random number generators to generate the cards, and suspicion remains as to how random these generators really are. Additionally, there is the question as to whether the person who wins the hand is actually a person at all, or rather a bot placed there by the company running the chips

In addition, stories of people who have found ways to beat the system have caused suspicion. After all, if there”s a way of beating the system then it suggests that the cards might not be as random as they are supposed to be.

That is not to say that online poker is rigged, merely that the suspicion is there and that several high profile lawsuits have suggests that there”s no smoke without fire.

Accordingly, the arrival of has attracted a lot of interest in the gaming industry. The man behind RealDeal, Gene Gioia, claims to have invented technology that guarantees a random hand being drawn, and offers proof.

The system is disarmingly simple, by using a real pack of cards and filming the machine that makes the draws, the hands are not only proven to be random, there is also a video that proves it. This means if people are suspicious they can request an audit and see the proof of the matter for themselves.

Additionally, to help prove that the person next to you at the table is in fact another player, RealDeal are incorporating a cut button. This means that the player can choose if the deck is cut, and, if so, at which number. They can also choose not to cut the cards at all. This element of choice, RealDeal hopes will prove that every player in the room is a real player.

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